Larry Winget – Master of Street Smart Motivation

Larry WingetDear Mastermind with the Masters Subscriber,

Wow! I’m still amazed we could ‘Capture’ the Marketing Wizard Jay Abraham in our last interview. This ‘Master of Business Strategy’ shared a multitude of ways to achieve the maximum marketing firepower from is great book, The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth InTough Economic Times.

This next interview is with world-class speaker and Pitbull of Personal Development®, the one and only Larry Winget, who I’ve dubbed as the ‘Master of Street Smart Motivation.’ In our entertaining interview Larry throws down, the no holds-barred truth about success that most people want to hear. Not only was this engaging, but easily one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever done. Larry is addictive so you’ve been warned!


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About Larry Winget

Larry Winget is the best branded, most recognizable speaker in the business. Many speakers claim to be original, but Larry Winget is THE original. He has established himself as an icon in the world of personal development and self-help. You won’t find many people who don’t know who won’t recognize him as a result of his five national bestsellers, his thousands of on-stage appearances or his many regular television appearances. Larry was the first to be willing to take on the “positive attitude” motivational speakers and the Law Of Attraction bozos with his common sense, back to the basics approach.  Larry still believes that hard work and excellence are the keys to success and communicates that like no other person on the planet can!

Learn more about Larry Winget at his website.

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