Ben Gay III Mastermind Hot Seat Demo

Hello, it’s Tony Rubleski and I have a very special treat for you, a sneek peek behind the curtain of what happens during a live mastermind session. As you may already know, I am a HUGE Ben Gay III fan. He was one of the featured speakers my Mind Capture Boot Camp in Las Vegas.

We put Ben in the ‘Hot Seat’ to demonstrate how a mastermind works for attendees. This was no pre-scripted demonstration, it was a real live mastermind with real issues and challenges and Ben asked for our help. Our mastermind faciliators and the attendes all formed a mastermind to suggest possible solutions to two of Ben’s biggest challenges.

Listen in and witness for yourself the power of the mastermind the Mind Capture Boot Camp Alumni and Ben Gay III.

Yours in success,

Tony “Chief Interrogator” Rubleski

Mind Capture Group, LLC.

Ben Gay III Image

Ben Gay III

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