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After 10 Years of Prodding, Cajoling, and Requests from Clients,
Newsletter Subscribers, Fans and Students of the
Mind Capture Book Series, the Time Has Finally Arrived…

Introducing The Ultimate Mastermind Group Coaching Program!


A Hand-Picked Group of 12, Will Work Up Close and Personal With Me to Discover the Mind Capture System in Exact Detail. Nothing Will be Held Back. Through the Power of the Mastermind, This Elite Group of Serious Business Professionals and Go-Getters Will Go Behind the Curtain to Learn Quantum Breakthroughs in Three Vital and Important Areas: Marketing, Mindset and Implementation.

P E R S O N A L    M E M O R A N D U M

DATE: Monday, January 25th 2021

RE: A Personal Message from the Desk of Tony Rubleski

Dear Fellow Agent of Positive Change,

At the recently held Mind Capture Boot camp in Las Vegas I revealed to our attendees that this was the year where I finally was ready to roll out a small, elite, and hands-on, group coaching program. The reaction was extremely positive and many told me that it was about time and that the program is jam-packed with value and frankly underpriced.

While, I appreciated the feedback, let me first go back in time for a quick minute and explain why it took so long to roll out a direct, powerful and life-changing coaching program based on my 20+ years in the marketing, sales and motivation arenas.

The Last Few Years Have Been…Well, Beyond Interesting

Some people know the full story of the challenges I’ve faced the last few years ranging from a painful divorce to keeping the company afloat during massive transition, lawyers, and a variety of other unique surprises. I don’t mention this to be a downer or dish dirt as there have also been many successes as well. I give you this quick assessment to lay the foundation as to why the coaching program has taken nearly almost five-years to be created and is finally ready to roll.

Another thing to share with you is I simply won’t waste your time or mine and launch something as important as this, half-baked, without doing my homework, and having the proper systems in place to insure that you have the greatest possible shot at success with the program.

How This Program is Different

While the benefits of the The Ultimate Mastermind Group Coaching Program are many, here are two MAJOR points of difference from other coaching programs I’ve either been a part of or have seen in my many travels:

#1: We will also look at one specific focus area of the Mind Capture System each month. We’ve come up with a detailed list below, by month, of one-key area of the system that we’ll explore in greater detail to reveal not just why it should be a key part of your business, but more importantly how to get it into action sooner, rather later.

#2: You’ll work not just with me, but also with Paul Guyon, ‘The Implementation Guru’ to help teach how to take the ideas and strategies and get them implemented. What good is it to get ideas and not take action on them? This is where the rubber meets the road. Paul is my ‘Ace’ behind the scenes. He gets things done and is a stickler about seeing that things get done via systems that improve not just productivity, but save you time.

“Perhaps, best of all was the Mastermind Session where each of us got to sit in the hot seat. Which, while it sounds like a bad thing, was an awesome experience, where we get to describe an issue, a problem, a challenge we have in our business, and we get feedback and input, not just from fellow mastermind attendees, but also from the faculty and Tony as well… some remarkable insights… I came away with some really, really strong advice…”
-Nelson Griswold, Mind Capture Boot Camp Attendee

#3: The ‘Hot Seat’ name may seem daunting and even uncomfortable, so we’ve renamed it the ‘Revenue Seat’ because of what many experience when they have the privilege of sitting in it. Bottom-line; significant breakthroughs, inspiration and life-changing ideas. If you translate just one of these ideas into action, you will most likely produce more revenue in your business… However it’s up to you to implement those ideas… This program is designed to hold you accountable to implement those ideas that, otherwise, may never see the light of day…

Speaking of accountability, here is a …

Warning: Tire Kickers, Drifters and Whiners Need Not Apply

There are several advantages of being part of a The Ultimate Mastermind Group Coaching Program, the number one reasong being ACCOUNTABILITY!

Since have read this far, you are among the top 2% of people on the planet who make the commitment to develop themselves personally and professionally, the other 98%, are drifting through life, they only dream of becoming sucessful but never are because they are only dreaming...

“We are hand picking this core first group of people to be in our group to start. We only want people in the to 2% that are serious, not hobbyists. In fact, we reserve to the right to boot you out of the mastermind group for drifting. Yes, money is important, but dealing with Drifters is even more expensive.”
– Tony Rubleski

They will never take action, create specific goals, let alone, are willing to being held accountable, if this is you…

If This is You, Please DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP!

Move on instead and find a get-rich-quick scheme to waste your money. We want the top 2% of people on the planet who are committed to help themselves and the others in this exclusive group!

Now that I have that off my chest, let’s take…

A Quick Look at What We’ll Learn Together

Each month, we will focus on one of these powerful, Mind Capture, proven, yet simple strategies,you can implement in your business immediately to turbo-charge your business and personal results.

Here is a small sample of topics we will cover in greater detail.

  • Mindset Mastery – without the right mindset, no-one can achieve success, learn the mind mastery secrets of the masters
  • Referral Mastery – learn the simple, yet elusive secret to attracting referrals without sounding like a beggar
  • Sales Mastery – everyone is in sales – peek inside the mind of the worlds authority on closing sales!
  • Authenticity Mastery – discover how to build maximum credibility both online and offline to win more deals
  • Goal Setting Mastery – this is the foundation to the entire system and we’ll share how to take your goal setting power to a much higher level

How the Program Works

  • Each month we will host a 2 hour Group Mastermind conference call or webinarNina with Hot Seat Notes
  • Each Group Mastermind with be recorded and made available to download and listen at your leisure
  • Each attendee will take the “Revenue Seat” and the group will mastermind ideas to take advantage of your biggest opportunity or challenge. This is a HUGE VALUE. If you hear someone say; “Have you ever thought of ___” start taking notes because it is probably a humdinger of an idea you have never thought of before! (do people use that word anymore?)
  • Depending on group size we may rotate half the group one month and the other half the next in the ‘Revenue Seat”
  • Be prepared with your opportunity or challenge so the group can help you if you are in the Revenue Seat.
  • You get a limted number of Emergency Coaching calls, use them wisely througout the year
  • ELITE members make sure you schedule your one-on-one calls soon after the Group call to get the most benefit.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How Much Time Will it Take Each Month?

Not everyone is the same, so it might take you less time than others to prepare for your Revenue Seat and one-on-one calls.

I estimate you will spend no more than 3 hours per month; the 2 hour group coaching call; with expert interview, lesson and Revenue Seat plus for ELITE members, your 30 minute one-on-one call with Paul and me.

Of course you will you will want to allocate time to study the material, listen to the recordings as well as implement what you learn into your business, since that is what this is all about, transforming your business!

The additional time you spend implementing is the most valuable time you can spend in your business, and it is up to you, and if you’re serious about transforming you business, it takes time and persistence, but I’m sure that is no problem for a go-getter like you!

You’re probably wondering how much will this all cost, so let’s take a look at…

Think You Don’t Have Enough Time?

I hear that a lot. Everyone is busy these days but peak pereformers know how to get more done in less time that’s why they are laughing their way to the bank while others whine about not having enough time to work ON THEIR BUSINESS instead of toiling away IN THEIR BUSINESS in the job they created for themselves..

This is exactly why you need this program. We’ll show you several ways to get back more time, get more done and have more freedom to focus on those things that are most important to you.

The Investment

I say investment because joining The Ultimate Mastermind Group Coaching Program is a wise investment in your future. How much would it be worth to you to have the freedom to go where you want, when you want, whenever you want because you found results you are seeking?

The bigger questions is how much time and money will you LOSE if you do not make a committment and invest in yourself today?

Here are just some of the benefits of joining us…

  • Special introductory rate. We are market testing at this low rate and it may never be repeated
  • Join now and lock in your rate for 2 years, we guarantee your rate will not go up for two years, however we will increase the rate, probably double before we open the doors again
  • Paul and I charge together $750 per hour, for consulting and retainer projects, you get us BOTH for a fraction of that
  • Access to other like-minded entrepreneurs in a Mastermind normally costs 2-3 times this amount and more, you get access EVERY MONTH for a mere fraction
  • You will be the first in the world to know about upcoming events, hear exclusive audio interviews first, learn of special promotions, and discover the vendors and resources we use directly to get things done

Again, this is a very hands-on program for a select few where you get the rare chance to work with Paul and I up close and personal. Then there are also, the connections, the networking, the new joint ventures and the breakthrough ideas that you will have.

There is No Better Time to Take Action Than Now!

There truly is no better time to take action and get the help you need to get the result you are seeking.

#1. The Ultimate Mastermind Group Coaching Program is stricty limited to 12 people.

#2. To quote Napoleon Hill; “Most ideas are stillborn, and need the breath of life injected into them through definite plans of immediate action. If you wait your ideas may never be more than that, a stillborn idea.

#3. The fast action bonuses vanish at midnight 2/21/2014, and that will cost you $1,791! Need I say more than that? The bonuses go away on 2/21/2014 and the first group call is 2/27/2014!

So Here’s What to Do Now

Choose the level of access you want, whether it be group coaching or if you want more access, add 1:1 coaching too. Then, on the next page, choose your method of payment and how much $$$ you want to save…


Yours in success,

Tony “Your Time Has Finally Arrived” Rubleski

Chief Agent of Positive Change
Mind Capture Group

PS. Sign-up now, because you may just lose the opportunity to get the results you are seeking for good!

PPS. Lock in your best ever rate for 2 years. This special introductory rate will not last forever!